Guinea Grove Farm
Certified Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Guinea Grove Farm is located in the heart of Western Australia's premium olive growing region; the Moore River Region.

We are passionate about sustainable farming and producing beautiful fresh extra virgin olive oil. So on our family owned and operated farm only the best organic and biodynamic practises are used with the whole farm certified Biodynamic by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia

Tirelessly helping us in the grove, 100 or more guinea fowl free range reducing pests and weeds, enriching the soil along their way. With their curious and comical nature these devoted workers are a constant source of inspiration and amusement. In recognition of their dedication we are "Guinea Grove Farm" 

The initial grove of 2,500 trees was planted in July 2000 with mainly Tuscan olive varieties; Frantoio, Leccino, Correggiola and Pendolino.  The front row of the grove was planted with mainly Greek varieties,  Kalamata and Koroneiki in addition to a few other varieties to trial their performance.  

In 2013 we added a Spanish variety to the grove with 100 Picual trees.

Each autumn we harvest the olives and the same day they are cold pressed onsite to preserve their rich fresh flavours and aromas. 

We also make "Agrumato" style olive oils by crushing fresh fruit and herbs with the olives providing authenticity of flavour and aroma.

After settling for a few months, the oils are bottled to order as varietals or carefully blended to bring you a range of premium extra virgin olive oils from ‘mild and fruity’ to more ‘robust and peppery’ and our legendary "Agrumato" oils.

In addition to olive oil, in 2007 we planted Saffron and produce small quantities of Biodynamically certified saffron each year.


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